Patterson Counselling | Education & Training
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Education & Training

University Education

April 1994:   Bachelor of Vocational/Technical Education (B.Ed.)

University of Regina, Regina, SK

 June 2007:   Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy (M.Sc.)

            Loma Linda University, Lacombe Campus, Lacombe, AB

Training, Workshops, and Seminars


January 2019:     33 Tips and Tools for the Depression Toolbox: Using CBT, DBT,

                              Mindfulness, and ACT

                                PESI (Professional Education Systems Institute), Judith A. Belmont, MS, NCC, LPC


October 2018:     Advanced Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy

                               I.C.E.E.F.Y (International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy) 


April 2018:            Simply Complex Trauma Conference 

                                 The Carewest Operational Stress Injury Clinic


October 2016:  (1) Accelerated Resolution Therapy:  Advanced Training

                                 Tampa, Florida, by the Developer,  Laney Rosenzweig

(2) Accelerated Resolution Therapy:  Enhanced Training

                                  Tampa, Florida, by the Developer,  Laney Rosenzweig


August 2016:      Accelerated Resolution Therapy

                              Trainer: Colleen Clark,  M.S.W,  Calgary, Alberta, Canada


June 2016:          Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissist and Histrionic: Effective

                              Treatment for Cluster B Personality Disorders

                              Arthur Freeman, P.E.S.I- Continuing Education


April 2016:          Act for Trauma: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

                              SafeGuard: Training for Children and Adult Services, Toronto, Ontario


October 2015:     Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals

                              Vancouver Family and Couples Institute, Dr. Kallos-Lilly, Calgary, AB

                               (13 Hrs)


September 2015: Rewiring the Brain: Neurofeedback with Bessel van der Kolk, MD

                                (1 Hr) Credit


August 2015:       Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Practices that Change the Brain

                                (3 Hrs) Alaskan Cruise for Clinicians, PESI Healthcare


August 2015:        Neuroscience: Attachment Theory and Deep Emotional Learning

                                (3 Hrs) Alaskan Cruise for Clinicians, PESI HealthCare


August 2015:        Resource Tapping for Trauma, Managing Emotions, Reducing                            

                                 Anxiety, and Support for Recovery

                                 Dr. Laural Parnell, PESI HealthCare


August 2015:        Mindful Play for Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

                                 (3 Hrs) Alaskan Cruise for Clinicians, PESI HealthCare


August 2015:        The Five Core Skills of Mindfulness for Brain Change

                                 (3 Hrs) Alaskan Cruise for Clinicians, PESI HealthCare


June 2015:            Rethinking Trauma Series

                                The National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine


May 2015:             Overview of Assessment and Interventions

                                Traumatology Institute of Canada


December 2014: Return to Work: Planning for Treatment Goals



November 2014: Substance Abuse Expert

                                Homewood Human Solutions, ( 6 Hrs)


July 2014:            Emotionally Focused Therapy Training

                                I.C.E.E.F.T (International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally      

                                Focused Therapy)  and Vancouver Couple & Family Institute,

                                 Vancouver, BC            


June 2014:          The DSM 5 and The Assessment of Addiction



May 2014:            Self-Injury Behaviour in Youth – Issues and Strategies

                                Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Inc., Calgary, AB


May 2014:            Disordered Eating – From Image to Illness

                                Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Inc., Calgary, AB


April 2014:           Addiction: Alternative to Abstinence (Harm Reduction)

                               Institute for Natural Resources (INR)


March 2014:        Empowering a Multi-Sectoral Pathway

                              Towards Healthy Youth                                

                                (7 hrs), Alberta Health Services, Red Deer, AB


March 2014:         Compassion Fatigue Specialist (Therapist)


March 2014:         Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depressed Adolescents

                                 (7hrs) Alberta Health Services, Red Deer, AB


May 2013:             Edu-Therapy, Grief and Loss Training

                                 Certified Grief and Loss Specialist ( 4 days)


April 2013:            The Challenge of Intentional Behavior Change: Understanding the         

                                 Process, Tasks, and Context of Change

                                 Dr. C. DiClemente, Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Services,       

                                 Calgary, AB


August 2012:         Putting Wheels on the DSM-IV in Understanding and Diagnosis

                                  CanLearn, Calgary, AB  (2 day training)


March 2012:          Conquering Pain

                                Richard S. Colman, BIOMED, Calgary, AB (6 hrs of Training)


January 2012:       Managing Chronic Pain, Biomed Training

                                  (1 day), Calgary, AB


October 2011:       Recovery from Addiction; Science in Action Symposium

                                  5-day training on advancements in research and policy

                                  of addiction services in Alberta


July 2011:              Four-day Intensive Training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

                                 with Dr. David Burns, Edmonton, AB


May 2011:             Brief Strategic Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

                                with Dr. Reid Wilson, Edmonton, AB (2 days)


December 2009: Self-Directed Study in Writing Social Stories for Children with

                              Autism and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome


July 2003:           Reality Therapy Certification

                              The William Glasser Institute, Kansas City, Missouri (30Hrs)


June 2000:          Emma Lake Life Skills Coach Training

                              J.O. Mitchell Consultants, Lumsden, Saskatchewan (250Hrs)