Patterson Counselling | 16 Ways to Cure Insomnia
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16 Ways to Cure Insomnia

28 Sep 16 Ways to Cure Insomnia

Compiled by Cheryl Patterson


1.   Take a walk.  About 20 minutes a day and preferably in natural light.  Walking in the early evening is a good time.  Avoid walking at least 2 hours before bedtime because that will wake you up.

2.   Take a warm bath. Taken 2 hours before bed time will help to relax your tense muscles as it increases blood circulation.  And consequently, will make you sleepy.

3.   Keep your bedroom cool.  Cooler air induces sleepiness.  You will feel much more comfortable if you keep the room cooler.

4.   Avoid Technology.  Stop using technology (computers, ipads, iphones, etc.) at least 1 hour before going to bed.  The light from the screen will literally wake you up.

5.    Do a pleasant activity before bed.  It may be reading, journaling or knitting.  Deep-breathing combined with meditation or a relaxation exercise will also help to bring about a sleepy feeling.  

6.    Get out of Bed.  If you are not asleep in 30 minutes, get up and do something low key like pleasant reading material or lite housework until you begin to feel sleepy.  Then head back to bed.

7.   Take a sleeping pill.  If the insomnia is still lingering, seek medical attention.  Your doctor will likely suggest a medication that will work for you.  They frequently help.

8.     Seek counselling help.   If the problem is not a physical issue keeping you awake, then seek the advice of a counselor who will help you figure out what might be the culprit keeping you awake at night.

9.     Don’t let the sun go down on anger.  Make amends with others to your best ability especially your partner.  

10.   Refrain from smoking.  Smoking is actually a stimulant and will add to the insomnia issue.  If you are a smoker, avoid smoking at least 2 hours before bedtime.  

11.     Avoid unpleasant conversations.  Keep conversations pleasant a few hours before bedtime.  This is not a time to solve problems that can wait until tomorrow.  

12.    Avoid worrying.  As you relax, emotions that have been suppressed in the day can surface as you are trying to sleep.  Let them go and focus on something pleasant.  Worrying at that time of night will not do you any good.

13.     Focus on an outside sound.  If you have too much “noise” in your head, shift your focus to the hum of a sounds in your house.  Often the sound of a small fan will provide enough distraction so that you will gently drift off.

14.     Rest with awareness.  Focus on the feeling of the comfort of your bed and pillow; the feeling of your blankets laying on you.  This is just a comforting feeling which will aide in relaxing you before falling asleep.

15.     Make sure your bedroom smells pleasant.  Remove the laundry hamper so that you do not have to smell it.  Get a diffuser with some lavender oil that will help you to relax and drift peacefully off to sleep.  

16.     Keep cooking odours out of your bedroom.  These smells might be great at dinner time but they are not when you are trying to fall asleep.  Shut the bedroom door during that time so the smells will not settle in your bedroom.  


If I have missed something; please drop me an email and I will add it to this ever-growing list.

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